Over half the price of a DJ with over 2x the quality

Small size, Big volume!

Most DJ’s need a lot of room. We don’t! Our compact DJ Jukebox connects wirelessly to the Bose speakers, giving you big sound without needing a ton of space. Simply tuck the speakers in a corner and place the DJ Jukebox on a table, and you’re ready to party.

The Microphone

The industry standard for live vocal performance microphone. The SM58 is the most popular live vocal microphone in the world.
Rock stars. Pop idols. Comedians. Presidents. Popes. Immortal words have passed through its iconic grille for generations. And with engineering and durability that set the world standard, it’s sure to keep turning up at legendary performances

The Speaker Setup

Combines the Bose L1 PRO32 Portable Line Array with the Bose Sub2 Bass Module to create a versatile and simple-to-use PA system with powerful low-end extension well suited for clubs, festivals, houses of worship, performance spaces, and other mid- to large-sized venues.

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