About Party O’Clock

Party O’Clock’s journey began when my fiancé and I planned the music for our wedding. Most would say our options were limited to a live band or a DJ. But, paying for a band was a strain on our budget and I’d heard too many DJ horror stories (not showing up, playing the wrong songs, getting drunk at the party,etc).

I wanted to make this reception special. And I knew that with a little help, I could put together an unforgettable playlist, rent a sound system, and wire the venue for the party. Let me tell you, if you think renting a tuxedo is a pain, imagine unwiring and returning an entire sound system. But this DJ-less experience created the perfect reception for my wife, me and our family and friends. It was then that I realized that this experience could be replicated without the headache.

After years of hard work, innovation, and collaboration, the proprietary Cameo Music system and Party O’Clock experience is a reality. Creating that DJ- less experience and an individualized party is now easier than renting a tux. I just hope that your event can be as special as my wedding.

Mike Drumm
Founder & CEO

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