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The DJ Jukebox music system and customized photo and video booth are Party O’Clock’s two most popular party rentals. Combine the two and prepare for an unforgettable event.

DJ Jukebox

Millions of songs at our fingertips and we still rely on a stranger to control the music of a private event? Party O’Clock delivers the whole package in DJ Jukebox, the only musical entertainment system your party will need. Select what will and won’t make the playlist and eliminate the time, cost, and hassle associated with hiring a DJ.

  • Bose Professional Audio Speaker System
  • Access a full library of music
  • High end wireless microphone setup
  • Accommodates parties of all sizes
  • Preselect your playlists & guests add their favorites

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Cameo DJ-Less Party Music System

Party Add-Ons

Our Add-Ons are easy on the budget but high on the fun. Mix and match, or choose them all!

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