DJ Jukebox

A DJ that puts you in control of the party.

Millions of songs at our fingertips and we still rely on a stranger to control the music of a private event? With our DJ Jukebox service, you get as much or as little control as you want for your event. Select what will and won’t make the music playlist and get the party that you want.

Top Features of DJ Jukebox

  • Party O’Clock DJ that runs the show
  • Music Request Station
  • We work with your friends or family for a personal MC experience
  • Bose Professional Audio Speaker System
  • Access a full library of music
  • High end wireless microphone setup
  • Accommodates parties of all sizes
  • Preselect your playlists & guests add their favorites

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Cameo DJ-Less Party Music System
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Just Press Play

DJ Jukebox is designed to give you the music experience that you want. The Party O’Clock DJ will program the system with your musical preferences and our request station will function like a simple jukebox so your guests can hear their favorite. Our DJ’s will mix songs from your playlists and the music request station to make sure the dance floor is rocking all night.

An MC You Know

MC. Master of Ceremonies. Give a DJ a microphone and you never know what you will get. Mispronounced names. Bad Jokes. Your Party O’Clock DJ will work with an MC that you choose (whether its your brother, friend or a groomsmen) to provide a personal and professional experience. With our wireless microphone and the MC of your choosing, you are all set for an unforgettable event.

Beyond Digital Audio & Speakers

DJ Jukebox goes beyond plugging a device into speakers. The system uses specialty hardware in a compact setup to create the ultimate music experience. While most DJs use large speakers, giant mixers and unsightly tables, the DJ Jukebox system used by our DJ’s is elegant and compact. All of the hardware is contained inside of our stylish music kiosk. Each DJ Jukebox system includes a request station that allows your party guests to browse the music catalog and add songs to your playlist. An iPod allows you to remotely control the system from anywhere at the party.

The Power of Bose

Just because the DJ Jukebox music system is compact and convenient doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing sound quality. It uses Bose’s most advanced portable amplification system. The loudspeaker delivers 180° of horizontal sound coverage and contains 24 articulated speakers calibrated for tonal balance over a large distance with minimal volume drop off. What that means is that you should get ready to be impressed.

Massive Music Library

From the Chicken Dance to the Macarena, we have you covered. You pick the songs you want. You pick the songs you don’t. We do the rest. Through our music request system, you can search millions of songs or browse just the nation’s top hits and create your custom playlist. Log in and update your playlist as many times as you like.

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